Saturday, March 29, 2008


"We’ve had black tea, green tea, and white tea. So, what’s next? Red tea!" Read complete story Get Ready for Red Tea

Check out our Rooibos (red tea) selection here

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Have you tried cooking with tea? I have been experimenting and so far so good. I cooked baby carrots in Fiji - the best baby carrots I have had in a long time. I marinated pork chops and chicken in Fiji with a splash of apple juice and used already brewed tea instead of water when cooking rice. It really adds a burst of flavor and think of the added health benefits.

Let me know if you have tried it and if you have not, go for it and let me know what you think. Feel free to share recipes here.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Do you have a question not posted here? Type it in the comments section and we will respond.

Did you work at the Tea & Traditions store?

No, I did not have the pleasure of working there, although I was a customer and enjoyed Melissa's class "how to host a tea party" very much. She inpsired my love of tea and all things tea.

Where is your new store located?

We do not have a retail storefront, but sell all tea and tea products online at – the website is not ready to receive orders, but we are taking orders by phone (770) 429-3220 and email (

What if I have a favorite tea I used to buy at the Tea & Traditions store on Whitlock Avenue, but I do not see it on your website?

Email or call us and if you are willing to buy the vendor’s minimum order we will order it for you. Some vendors have a one or two pound minimum. One pound of tea is approximately 200 servings. If you have a friend that likes the same tea you could purchase it together.

Can I have my tea shipped via regular mail?

At this time we are only set up to ship via USPS Priority Mail service.

Do you host parties?

We do not have a facility to host parties, but we will be glad to assist you in planning yours. From “what to serve and where to buy food easily and inexpensively” to “how to make and serve the tea for a large group.” Call us and we will be glad to help with your party in any way we can.

Will you be carrying Raspberry tea?

Yes, it is on backorder until the end of March.

Do you offer the discount previously available on 8 ounces or 1 pound of the same tea?

Yes, we do and it is 10% off.

What are your bestsellers?

Rooibos Sweet Lemon Cream
Whitlock Afternoon
French Creme Brulee

Irish Breakfast Blend
Earl Grey de la Creme
Green Tea Strawberry
Roasted Almond

Glover Park Evening
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