Saturday, December 5, 2009


We are offering 12, four ounce bags of tea for $99.95 (shipping included). You receive all 12 bags at once. All teas come in our black, zipper closed and heat sealed bags. A perfect gift for that tea lover on your list or yourself!

Teas included in this special offer (all come in four ounce bags):

Green Teas - Roasted Almond, Green Tea Strawberry, Madame Butterfly and Fiji
Black Teas - Island Breeze, Earl Grey de la Crème, Masala Chai, Irish Breakfast, Crème Brulee and Nutcracker Sweet
Rooibos - Sweet Lemon Cream and Caramel Apple

Save $10 on this special package. Teas cannot be substituted for other flavors. The special price is for the above listed combination ONLY! This offer is available for pick-up at One of a Kind, but will be subject to the regular 10% pick-up fee (shipping will be deducted).

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